Bring Forth Food From The Earth

Robert and I believe that real food is created by God.  The Earth is a delicate balance of Nature; therefore, each creature (even those we call pests) is intertwined with one another.  On our small, family farm we do our best to work with nature using pest control management systems which do not include toxic chemicals but rather respect the purity of the Earth (and of our bodies).  Some growing seasons are better than others; some crops are better than others.  All in all, we feel the 2022 Harvest Season was a successful one.  We had a beautiful variety of luscious greens, the summer squashes bountiful, the green beans magnificent, the eggplant majestic, and the late tomatoes definitely worth the wait! 

Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages before the rain . . .

Thinking back one CSA Member recalled the monster potatoes we were able to grow in 2021.  “The small ones are delicious, but what happened this year?” he asked.  I reminded him of the excessive rainfall we received in late May which stunted all of our crops going forward.  Still we are grateful we managed to fill our CSA Boxes each and every week.  And when apologizing to another CSA Member for the small potatoes this year, I was told, “Our family loved the small potatoes!  My husband is a runner and he would boil them in salt water and carry them in his pouch for a bite of instant energy when running!”  These are the attitudes which explain our success as CSA Farmers.  We are unable to be all things to all people, but seem to be good enough for most much of the time!  And this is why we continue to attempt to grow nutritious, local vegetables for our family and for those Souls who are our CSA Family.

The first seed catalogue arrived in early November and Robert immediately poured over its contents. The planning and preparation of our 2023 Harvest Season has begun just as the 2022 Harvest Season is ended.  “He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for man to cultivate—bringing forth food from the Earth” Psalm 104.

We trust everyone will have a Thanksgiving Holiday filled with love and favorite foods!  Let us pray for the Awakening of our Nation.  As always, we have so much for which to be grateful.  Blessings,

After the party . . . 2022 Gardens disassembled