Cane Creek CSA Differences

We are frequently asked about the differences in local CSAs. Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA has been serving Asheville, Biltmore, Arden, Fairview, Fletcher, and all of Buncombe County and northern Henderson County with over twenty years of continuous CSA Farming experience!

Our CSA farm shares represent 100% of our farming income. Thus, 100% of our efforts go towards our CSA Members! Our family farm grows vegetables using organic inputs and sustainable practices—although our farm is not certified organic. We want you to know our total commitment is to our CSA Members!  No wholesale business. No tailgate markets. No roadside stands—just CSA Boxes for local families filled with the best vegetables we can grow in any given season!

Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA has never asked for the total payment upfront; but we do expect member commitment for the entire farming season. We will earn that week by week commitment filling our veggie boxes with clean, quality, beautiful vegetables! In other CSAs you pay upfront for the entire season; so expect it and the associated risk.

We are water conscious. We use an underground drip irrigation system and with water from drilled, deep wells vs. using the creek. We do this so we can ensure the quality of the water with which we irrigate and so as not be wasteful of this precious resource.

Our family farm, Cane Creek Asparagus & Company, grows a larger variety of vegetables than some local CSA farmers. All of the photos on our website are of vegetables we grew!  From time to time we dump out the contents and take photos of the vegetables our members are getting.  As farmers we are proud of what we grow and want you to see actual photos of what is in our CSA veggie boxes!

We are extremely flexible when it come to working with our members to get them their farm shares.  For example, we can prepare a box early if one is going out of town and wants to take it with them or prepare it as soon as one gets back home.  And we can work around “pickup situations” if a member has a work schedule which changes.  If members communicate with us, we will do our best to get them their vegetables—even if it must be on an different delivery day!

Robert and I are the farmers and handle every step from growing the plants from seed to packing the boxes and delivering the vegetables to our CSA Family Members. If there is ever a problem, there is no doubt as to who is responsible.  If there is ever a concern, pick up the phone and call your farmers—or better still, email us!

Excess vegetables are donated to local charities in the Asheville and Buncombe area several days a week, in keeping with our freshness motto for handling vegetables.

Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA is not certified organic. Our first line of defense in handling insect pests is to dust with Diatomaceous Earth and Dipel along with other Bts or biologicals. These are organic inputs which are hand applied. We don’t drive diesel tractors through our gardens to do this farming work.  And we don’t apply such inputs during the day when the bees and lady bugs are out doing their thing.  We care for our soil and the beneficial insects.  We feel the word organic has become a mere marketing tool in recent years.  We much prefer the words local and sustainable.

We are a sustainable family farm—environmentally sound, socially responsible.  Please give me (Glenda) a call at 828-628-1601 if you have other questions about how we operate our farm or what organic means to us.  I would love the opportunity to talk with you and bring your family along on our local harvest journey.  Or simply submit the CSA Farm Share Commitment form.

P.S. The gardens where we grow our CSA farm shares are tucked away and not visible to the public. So if you drive down Cane Creek Road in Buncombe County, you WILL NOT SEE OUR FARM or our farming operation! However, we are happy to provide guided tours by appointment for any CSA Member who is interested in seeing where all of the vegetables in their CSA Box are grown!