Harvest Calendar

What follows is a list of the local vegetables grown by Cane Creek Asparagus & Company and the month we expect to have them available.  More will be added as we find new veggies we want to grow for our members!  Also, we have provided pages entitled Veggie Identification I and Veggie Identification II.  On these pages we have included photos of the vegetables in the approximate order in which they will appear in your CSA Box along with some tips or hints about the various veggies.

We are working with Mother Nature in the farming business and no two years are alike.  Please remember this list is not carved in stone, but rather how we trust the season will evolve!  We do believe our having over twenty years of CSA Farming production experience in Buncombe County will help, however, a bit of luck is always required!

May Veggies:
Broccoli Crowns; Carrots; Chinese Greens & Cabbages; Ching Chang; Joi Choi; Heirloom Lettuce & Radishes; Peas; Fancy Spring Turnips & Greens; Baby Collard Greens; Spring Onions; Tatsoi

June Veggies:
Garden Beets & Greens; Broccoli Crowns & Florets; Chinese Cabbage; Radishes; Carrots; Bunching Onions; Green & Red Cabbages; Kohlrabi; Cauliflower; Red & Green Kale; Bok Choi; Lettuce; Sugar Snap Peas; Summer Squashes

July Veggies:
Beets; Broccoli Florets; Cabbages; Specialty Cucumbers; Green & Yellow Beans; New Potatoes; Green Bell Peppers; Okra; Patty Pan Squash Varieties; Slicer & Specialty Tomatoes;  Zucchini; And More!

August Veggies:
Beans; Cabbages; Cantaloupe; Cucumbers; Traditional Eggplants & Japanese Varieties; Green & Yellow Beans; New Potatoes; Patty Pan Squash Varieties; Yellow & Green Zucchini Varieties; Melons; Green Sweet Bell Peppers; Okra; Tomatoes

September – October Veggies:
Eggplants; Green & Yellow Beans; Okra; Tomatoes; Specialty Potato Varieties; Green Sweet Bell Peppers (turning red, yellow and orange); Variety of Winter Squashes including Acorn, Buttercup, Butternut, Delicata, Spaghetti Squash, Sweet Potatoes