Solar PV System

Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA contracted for the installation of a 6.45 KW (6,450 watt) photovoltaic system comprised of 30 Sanyo HIT 215 watt modules (mono crystalline with a ultra-thin amorphous silicon layer with a 0 -+10% tolerance) and a SMA Sunny Boy 7000 watt inverter. These Sanyo HIT 215 watt PV Modules are designed to work even on slightly cloudy days and earlier in the day and later in the afternoon than most panels. They are warranted to produce at least 80% of the Minimum Solar Power for at least 20 years from the date of installation.

We believe in solar power for the future, however, there are some factors which one might be wise to consider before placing solar panels on the roof of your home and installing the required solar inverter. Solar inverters give off a huge amount of voltage transients that effect all functioning of electrical equipment. SMA has less than some brands. Depending on how large your PV system is, you may need additional equipment to remove the harmful issues caused by the solar inverter. There are special power filters that monitor the actual sinewave from this unwanted dirty transient energy which results from the power and suppress this dirty energy (DE) with internal circuitry.

We feel this dirty electricity is an issue not being discussed enough with the recent push for photovoltaic systems. This is a very complicated topic. We are not engineers (except of plants), but as a result of this Solar PV system project, we have been forced to learn about this topic. If you want to research more, please contact me. I will share our experience and remediation efforts.

Benefits of the small solar system include energy cost savings for the farming operation, greater energy independence, and a reduction in fossil fuel use and air pollution. Very little maintenance is required for a photovoltaic system. Indeed, this is a good thing because our gardens and our small, CSA Farming, family business are HIGH MAINTENANCE activities!