What Our Members Say

“One of the best things that ever happened to my meal-planning routine was joining a CSA!”  SM

“Looking forward to the next season of local food!”  SR

“I spent a long time researching (CSAs) and your farm really came out tops on my list.”  RL

“Your cucumbers are unbelievable!  So crisp and tasty!  Wow!  I don’t remember when I’ve had one that good.”  MS

“Thank you so much for all the care you and Robert put into our veggies. I love getting our box each time and seeing what treasures it holds!”  SW

“Oh, Glenda! I’m astounded by the sweetness of the beans you grew! And I couldn’t have imagined a more wonderful collection of veggies in a very soggy summer. By the way, the carrots in the box two weeks ago were the best WNC carrots I’ve yet tasted. Thanks to you and Robert for all of your hard work.”  DL

“. . . a LOT of  love goes into that.  And when I taste your veggies, I feel it!”  RG

“Thank you, Glenda. We have really enjoyed our boxes this year. Thank you for your care in packing each one. We are thankful to have the opportunity to share your harvests.”  SW

“OH MY!!!!! just had asparagus for dinner.  AMAZING taste and texture—-so yummy!  Thank you!!  Already looking forward to the next box!!”  DG

“So much fun, & tastes so good, to be back into our fresh veggies. Didn’t realize how lame the grocery store veggies tasted—you have ruined us for life!” LS Farmer’s Note: Robert and I call our veggies the healthy addiction!

“What a blessing you are Glenda! Thank you for working with us on the monthly payments. It works so well for my budgeting!” DM 

“The veggies are outstanding – the squash, carrots and by all means the cabbage, but best of all the broccoli. Thanks!” HD

“You (Cane Creek Asparagus & Company) are incredible. I thank you from the center of my soul! This (CSA) was exactly what I needed!” JE

“The veggies were all delicious! I think this is the first time in my life I’ve described fresh raw asparagus as juicy, crisp and sweet—so much better than the stuff from the grocery store! I picked up a bottle of the traditional balsamic vinegar and it is great with all of the veggies is the box.” JJ

“Thank you too for all the hard work and your wonderful website.” BD


Some Veggie Lovers cannot wait until they get home to see what is in the box!

“You totally rock! And the difference you are making in the community. You and Robert are amazing.” LT

“It’s a great feeling to belong to something so great!” SM

“OMG! That is the most amazingly sweet spaghetti squash I have ever eaten and I’ve been eaten ’em since the mid 1970’s. Forget the pesto. Forget the beans. I’m eating it either for breakfast or for dessert for the rest of the week.” DL

“I am impressed with how clean and fresh everything always is. Cane Creek Asparagus CSA does it right!” GG

“I can’t wait to get home and check it out this evening . . . I love all the variety!” KH

“I love my vegetables. I am familiar with most of them, except the one that looks like a spaceship; and I found it on the Veggie Identification page. Had the beans last night, steamed, and I am having some squash with my breakfast. Thanks again, and keep them coming.” CB

“Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA is the only CSA I would consider around Asheville!” CH 
Farmer’s Note: I know CH is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu!

“As for the greens we’ve been getting from you, I’m learning how to incorporate them into many of the dishes we already eat. Tonight we had black bean burritos, which included colored peppers and some steamed baby joi choy. We had turnip greens mixed in with a vegetable tostada last week. I’m having fun slipping them in unbeknownst to my children! Thanks again for the beautiful produce. We are enjoying it.” SW


“Asparagus . . . it was hands-down, far-and-away the tastiest asparagus that I have ever been fortunate enough to eat. I have two year old twins. I have been trying to get them to eat asparagus through the spring. They ate every bite and continued to ask for more well after it was gone. Many thanks for the delicious treat.” KB

“I can’t tell you HOW much BETTER your vegetables are than the grocery store. I mean, seriously, there is NO comparison. Even my hubby, who is not into veggies was like WOW this is great! Thank you, thank you!!!” ZH

“I am so pleased . . . We will have zero waste from the every-other-week CSA Box, so this is clearly the right amount . . . We are sprouting even more leaves of healthy eating—thanks 2 U.” WB

“Thanks! We enjoyed our fresh vegetables last night!” MD

“We will have fun trying some of the greens (tatsoi and ching chang) that are unfamiliar and are totally impressed by those we do know . . . This will be a new adventure for us.” J & W

“I’ve thought of you often . . . Veggies . . . frankly, yours ARE better.” CV Farmer’s Note: Of course, we love hearing this when being compared to another CSA!! Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA has over ten years experience of CSA Farming in Buncombe County serving the greater Asheville and northern Henderson Country areas!

“This (CSA) arrangement has worked so well for us, and we are enjoying your box SO MUCH! I’m like a kid . . . waiting to dive into that wonderful box of edible delights. Can’t wait to see what new deliciousness is headed our way as the weather cools.” ES

“BTW, the veggies were fabulous at the beach. We so enjoyed them. Thanks!” GH

“I appreciate the time you have taken with your website to identify all the vegetables and include recipes–as part of the price. We do not have to pay $16.00 per cooking class to watch someone else smash beets!” WB

“Everything has been great, esp your melons…I’ve never had one that good ever! OMG!!!” AS

“After trying others, I now know that your CSA is truly worth the price! Please keep doing what you are doing the way you are doing it!” GM

“Never thought I would see (my wife) eat eggplant . . . The tomatoes are fantastic!” JW

“Thanks for the great veggies. I had my folks in town when we picked them up on Monday and they were not real familiar with CSA, so it was fun to explain to them the process and idea. They were impressed with our box of goodies!” TP

“Thank you so much . . . for all the beautiful veggies!” AG

“I love getting my box of veggies and can’t wait to see what I get tomorrow! I have loved the greens, especially the tatsoi, and the summer squash and the beans are wonderful…and of course that asparagus in my first box was divine.” JC

“Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work and dedication with us. Being patrons of your CSA program has made a profoundly positive impact on our lives, in ways I cannot begin to explain here. It’s humbling to recognize that we live in a very special place that allows us access to fresh, healthy food, while so many do not. Despite all the stress and struggles of modern life, your efforts help remind us that we are truly fortunate.” C & J

One year later from a new state and new job, C reports: “Moving away has given me a new respect for ASAP and how well-organized the local food movement has become in western NC. We didn’t realize how well we had it.”

“How bountiful, beautiful and DELICIOUS have our vegetables been.  Thank you!”  DG

“I roasted the Delicata squash last night – my first time to try one. It was fabulous! Even my picky husband enjoyed. Looking forward to cooking the buttercup. Thanks for all the great stuff this week!”  BH

“The stuff looks wonderful. We started in on it last night. Those tomatoes are yummy!” HK

“True confession, I have never ever liked winter squashes (like spaghetti and butternut)–I cannot stand the texture.  But I cook those up and use them over the winter for soups and stews so they do not go to waste.”  SM

“We’re definitely enjoying all of the veggies and yup, of course we had to try the cantaloupe last night – delicious!”  JS

YAY!  We are so excited. I doubt the cantaloupe will make it home; we will most likely eat it in the car on the way home!” EM

“We loved the freshness and taste of the vegetables you grew (especially the cucumbers!), but frankly, given there are only 3 in our family, we had difficulty eating all of the food.”  SC         Farmer’s Note: In order to preserve my sanity, I feel I must pack a one-size-fits-all CSA Box. This makes it difficult to satisfy each family. We do our best and are happy that members appreciate the vegetables we do provide from our Fairview family farm!  This family gave CSA a full-season try.  We shall miss their smiling faces!

“THANKS SO MUCH!  for the delicious veggie box!  I made butternut squash soup that was to die for!” EM

“YES! DE-licious!!!!  Thanks again!”  KK

“Again, really enjoying all the great vegetables from your farm!”  EB

“Thank you!  You (Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA) are very “user friendly”.” JB

“What a blessing to receive your veggies today.  There’s no way you could know, but we’ve been having a hard week, and this CSA Box has really made a difference for us.  Just wanted you to know that you’ve been a real blessing to us in more ways than you’ll ever imagine.”  TP

“Thank you so much for your consideration.  Above and beyond as usual !!!” JH  Farmer’s Note: This long-time CSA Member has a work situation which is quite varied so her pickup day must be frequently moved. She communicates in advance with an email and we reschedule her box to another day. She loves her vegetables so we make sure she always gets them!”

“We are very very happy with our boxes and the healthy variety of vegetables!”  NM

“Wow, Glenda! I don’t know what you guys do to these cucumbers but they are (by far) the best I have ever had! I’m not even a big cucumber person but they are so crisp and delicious that I can’t stop eating them. Thanks!”  RR

“Neat-o, Glenda! Thanks for the great info. and happy growing . . . “  SH 

“Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the box of veggies!  My 4 year old ate those cukes as fast as I could slice them.  The melons were delicious.  Thank you again, it means a lot to us.”  KS

“I’m spreading the word in the Brevard area . . . Good idea about “share families”.”  LL

“Just had to tell you that we had the most delicious potato salad made with the potatoes we got in our basket on Monday.  What a great flavor when you eat them right after they are harvested!  And . . .  the beets are so beautiful!!   My very favorite.  Can’t wait until we eat the squash – yum.”  JW

“We’re loving our veggies!  Looking forward to our next box already!”  LA

“Never ate so many greens in 10 days in my life but we are liking them, especially the tatsoi. Sautéed with garlic and butter, added some cooked pasta, a little lemon juice and topped with parmesan cheese.  I could eat this every day.”  KS   Farmer’s Note:  And if they ever do seem like too much, just sauté and freeze them.  They will taste just as good next winter!

“We’re loving our box of vegetables—thanks.”  DS

“I have looked forward to one or more delicacies in that box every night. You should be very satisfied from your hard work on your farm.  Thanks again.”  BT

“Oh yeah! I’m psyched on the veggies they look sweet! I was a produce manager at a couple of health food stores so I am familiar with all of it.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful service the the Asheville area.”  MP

“What a great first box of vegetables!  I’m thinking asparagus for breakfast at this point.  BTW–we toss whole spears with olive oil (extra virgin for preference) and crushed garlic and then sizzle them in a grill pan on the bbq.  The taste is out of this world!”  SM

“I just wanted to write to tell you how much we liked the Kohlrabi that was in our CSA box today. We had never heard of it and had no idea what to do with it but we read the info in your newsletter . . . It was so good! Thank you for introducing us to such a yummy vegetable.” RR

“Just a quick note to say how great the vegetables are. So glad we found out about Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA.” BT

“We have certainly enjoyed all our exotic greens from our first box and we have had some of the most delicious salads ever! ”  CW

“The cantaloupe was absolutely the juiciest and tastiest I have ever had. We all loved it! Other family favorites are the green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. We can’t wait for tomorrow (our pickup day).”  LS

“Can’t wait for the best asparagus on the planet!” TS

“When I picked up our last box I felt a note of sadness . . . really enjoyed the CSA this year and your recipes & notes about what was happening on the farm.” TP

“. . . the lettuces . . . looking forward to having . . . them next year . . . thought that was some of the best (if not the best) lettuce we have ever had. Everything was great.”  LH

“Thank you for an exquisite year! . . . Last week we had a butternut squash soup that was divine!”  CV

“What a treat your wonderful produce has been this year.  I hope you have me signed up for next year!”  JM

“We roasted the potatoes tonight, and they were delicious!  I’m sorry the season is winding down!”  VS

“Thank you . . . for all you do! You are such a vital and necessary part in getting healthy, local food to the people of the Asheville and Buncombe area. I sincerely appreciate you!!!”  JS

“I found out I really don’t care for vegetables that much even with trying to be creative & trying your suggestions. It has nothing to do from your end. The food was beautiful & I really looked forward to each pick-up. I loved discovering what was in our box. We wish you the best, always. Thank you for the wonderful experience we did have.”  AW                                                          
Farmer’s Note: This family dutifully fulfilled their commitment to our farm by picking up each and every CSA Box of fresh farm vegetables for which we are most grateful.

“Thanks, Glenda and Robert, for the lovely veggies this season! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the magnificent asparagus, but I enjoyed it all.”  MM

I picked up our veggies yesterday – as usual they are terrific! . . . just LOVE the produce you’ve been providing. Thanks again!”  CK

“While I feel the vegetables are beautiful, I just can’t justify spending . . . I am very disappointed this did not work out to our satisfaction.”  KO
Farmer’s Note:  We realize we cannot be all things to all people.  Nor can we please all people!

“Thanks for giving me a healthy vegetable addiction! 🙂 . . . You truly do put so much care into what you do and it shows in the boxes. Keep up the good work.” KM

“The cucumbers were to die for. I made an eggplant casserole, which I have never done before . . . Just wanted to let you know I am enjoying the basket and look forward to the next one. ”   TK

“I just read your post about what to do with the lovely little bunch of herbs we get in our farmbox.  I want to share what I do with mine . . .  I take them out and smell them and smell them until they are surely depleted. Then I hold them up to my sad little pots of herbs I am trying to grow and show them what proper herbs should look like. I think it is working because my basil decided to grow this week!”  TS

“The vegetables have been so fresh and tasty. I don’t think I’ve gotten anything I didn’t like.  We look forward to our pick up day. . . It’s helped us keep eating healthy, too. Thank you so much for all you do to keep the veggies fresh and bountiful. It truly has been a joy.”  HC

“I have been enjoying this last box tremendously. These fall veggies are my absolute favorites.”  MS

“We appreciate your excellent vegetable boxes and thank you for the hard work and dedication which is evident in every box we receive from your farm.”  LM

“We’re learning to eat greens in all kinds of ways. I have to consistently refer to the website to remember the name of some of them.  All are very fresh; and we love your lettuce.”  SW

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful fresh vegetables. We LOVE them!”  DG

“WONDERFUL!!  I can’t tell you HOW much BETTER your veggies are than the grocery store. I mean, seriously, there is NO comparison.  Even my hubby, who is not into veggies was like WOW this is great!”  ZH

“The cantaloupe in my box was superb. I don’t even like melons and I loved it!”  MS

“I know that, with the drought, this has been a tough year but … one sure couldn’t tell that by our refrigerator. It fills up every time we get a box from you and it seems that we run out just about the time that we are due for another. We’re in heaven!” FS

“I am sorry to tell you this but I . . . cannot consume that many vegetables in two weeks! The veggies have been absolutely lovely but I hate to waste anything.” LR                                       
Farmer’s Note:  We appreciate your honesty.  Eating a very personal activity.  And putting the correct amount in our CSA Boxes to satisfy each personal desire is impossible we realize.”

“I’ve never had such delicious, sweet cucumbers. The squash is fantastic. I don’t know how you guys do it with all this lack of rain. I never really liked okra, but yours was soooo sweet . . . I’m so happy to be a part of this!” MB

“This is a great setup. I’m really impressed by the quality of your veggies.” JH

“The small round squash are among our faves this year—yellow, green and pale celery. They are remarkably sweet and tender. We cut them into large chunks, sautéed them briefly in olive oil with a little onion and garlic, and served them over Pasta Mama’s fresh tomato-basil linguine, sprinkled with lots of chopped fresh basil and raw tomatoes and some grated Parmesan. Dinner doesn’t get any better.” CT

“We are loving our veggies this year as always!” SM

“As usual . . . the veggies this week are wonderful. I can’t get over the cabbages . . . they are the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen . . . they don’t look real. They sure taste wonderful. And you were right . . . those cucumbers are the best!!! ” CH

“We have been LOVING the veggies. Neither of us has ever had picked-the-day-you-eat-’em fresh veggies, and they are fantastic. Thank you!” EM

“We have loved your boxes. I feel like it’s Christmas every other Tuesday. I’m singing your praises to folks working to drum up some more business for you!”  JM

“Just picked up our box yesterday and had a wonderful supper last night . . . Thanks for all of your hard work and worry.” LP

“We soaked and washed everything, then put it in bags. There were a few little brown critters under some leaves which, I have to say, I threw those leaves out but I suppose I’ll get used to this whole nature thing ha-ha-ha!”  CA

“I don’t really mind the drive, generally, (from Rutherfordton!) because . . . I love the fresh vegetables and the anticipation of finding out what’s in my box.” AL

“LOVE your food, it is awesome!” LC

“My faves so far: the sugar snaps, one of the Chinese cabbages, and, believe it or not, the little white turnips. I’m never been impressed by turnips . . . these were a different vegetable entirely. Exquisite.”  CT

“We have really enjoyed our boxes of fresh veggies. I couldn’t wait for the season to begin and it hasn’t disappointed us one bit.” C & F

“We are absolutely LOVING our CSA experience! We’ve had so much fun coming up with creative meals and are feeling so HEALTHY! Even our little pug is trying some new veggies!”  TS

“I got our first CSA box today. It was great!!! I thought I knew my food, but thanks to your veggie id (Photo Album) I was able to identify Totsoi . . . Anyway, it was all delicious and we look forward to some healthy meals. Thanks so much!”  JI

“The veggies have been —- bodacious! We’ve been cooking up a storm and having a big time with that but the biggest treat has been how much flavor your veggies have brought. Those are the happiest radishes and asparagus I’ve ever had.”  W & W

“We are absolutely LOVING our CSA experience! We’ve had so much fun coming up with creative meals and are feeling so HEALTHY! Even our little pug is trying some new veggies!”  TS

“I got our first CSA box today. It was great!!! I thought I knew my food, but thanks to your veggie id (Photo Album) I was able to identify Totsoi . . . Anyway, it was all delicious and we look forward to some healthy meals. Thanks so much!”  JI

“The veggies have been —- bodacious! We’ve been cooking up a storm and having a big time with that but the biggest treat has been how much flavor your veggies have brought. Those are the happiest radishes and asparagus I’ve ever had.”  W & W

“We are THRILLED with our boxes—these are the best tasting vegetables we have ever had! And all grown here in Buncombe County.”  KC

“It is always a treat to find out what is in the box. Thanks for making our table a healthy place to eat!”  MD Family

“I’ve never tried bok choi until you foisted a pile of it on us. It became a favorite in our household. Thanks for the introduction!”  TB

“Being a member of your CSA has changed our lives!”  NH

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed ALL the wonderful fresh vegetables I’ve been getting this whole summer—Thanks!! Oddly enough, I find myself craving some of those delicious Asian greens that were so abundant early in the season!”  SS

“Thanks again for sharing your Fairview farm harvest with our family. We consider it . . . a wonderful opportunity to share new tastes and experiences with our kids.”  LM Family

“The recipes have been great. With your help I have become a more creative and healthier cook. When I went to gatherings of friends this summer the request was always, “Bring veggies!””  MM 

“Funny, I’ve avoided squash for years; but last night we used your grilled squash recipe slightly modified . . . and it was killer delicious.” DO

“Never knew I liked turnips because I never would have bought them!”  KR

“We are enjoying the veggies very much. The cantaloupe. . .  was absolutely the juiciest and tastiest I have ever had. We all loved it! Other family favorites are the green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. We can’t wait for tomorrow (our pickup day).”  VS

“Thank you again for all the hard work that your family does to allow us the privilege of eating such fantastic vegetables!”  LR

“We thoroughly enjoyed it . . . this year we have the space and time for our own garden. I am definitely going to grow some . . . and maybe . . . some asparagus like yours!”  MS

“Holy Veggies! What a beautiful box! Thank you again.”  J & S

“I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying your beautiful asparagus. We are savoring every bite, as we know how much work it takes to grow them. Thank you for all the vegetables, but especially the lovely asparagus.”  O & K

“OMG that was the best asparagus I have EVER had in my life. Silky, smooth—unbelievable!”  RP 

“By the by, my 2 year old, who seems to mostly despise vegetables, couldn’t seem to get enough of the fresh broccoli—almost ate one whole head herself.”  LC

“We’ve never had yellow beans so a new experience (we’ve had a few of those already this season) for us. Thank you. I really look forward to every other Thursday. There is always a surprise from the farm.”  AW