Resource conservation takes multiple forms on a small family farm. One example is how your farmers start the majority of the vegetable plants—usually from organic seed—in our own greenhouse. Starting our own plants involves a great deal of labor, but the process also conserves our financial resources.

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I am happy to tell everyone that Robert is the true farmer in this couple! I handle all of the web site content, the CSA Blogs, the CSA Member communication, packing and delivering the CSA Boxes, the bookkeeping, marketing, and I transplant the seedlings in the greenhouse from their seedbeds to their individual peat pots. Farmer Robert determines which vegetable varieties we will be growing, orders the seeds, and plants the greenhouse seedbeds.

When the seedlings are nurtured to the proper size for transplanting into the gardens, Robert handles this aspect as well as the irrigation and care of the plants in the gardens/fields where the produce grows. Before I know it, he is “magically” bringing me truckloads of vegetables to pack into our weekly CSA Boxes and deliver to members at our convenient Arden, Biltmore, and Fairview pickup locations!

I say magically, because despite the fact I do understand how a plant biologically produces flowers, seeds, and vegetables, it still is a magical process to me! There are so many factors along the way which could prevent a single, minuscule seed from sprouting into a plant and then becoming a mature plant which actually produces vegetables to eat that I cannot but help see magic in the gardening/farming process.

Our Cane Creek Asparagus & Company greenhouse is maintained by individuals I lovingly call Spidermen. When exhaust fans need to be repaired, a window pane replaced, or a seal repaired, it takes special equipment and skill to move around three stories up on the glass rooftop of our greenhouse. Our Super Heroes are Bill Kater and his son, Will Kater, of Pool Enclosures, Inc.

Their technical services are in demand nationwide, but they are never too busy to help out your local CSA Farmers! If ever you need a sun room, bay window extension, skylight install or repair, humidification issues address, canopy, retractable awning, or a pool enclosure, this a company we can highly recommend for the Buncombe and Henderson County and greater Asheville area.