Food Revolution

Three years ago I purchased digital access to The Food Revolution 90-minute documentary The Need to Grow.  It shows container gardening, how to build the soil, and talks about the importance of Local Food for all people. I will share the link with you here.  We think it is worth watching if you have never seen it. And please consider sharing with others. The following is the online description of this documentary:

The Need To GROW offers an intimate look into the hearts of activists and innovators in the food movement – an 8 year old girl challenges the ethics of a beloved organization – a renegade farmer struggles to keep his land as he revolutionizes resource efficient agriculture – and an accomplished visionary inventor faces catastrophe in the midst of developing a game-changing technology.

TNTG delivers alarming evidence on the importance of healthy soil – revealing not only the potential of localized food production working with nature, but our opportunity as individuals to help regenerate our planet’s dying soils and participate in the restoration of the Earth.

As members of our CSA, you are already participating in the Local Food ecosystem and being a part of the solution for a healthier planet while providing healthier food for your family. Enjoy the movie!

Our Spring Garden in its glory days early in the 2022 Season!

Definitely we will be providing CSA Boxes through the last day of October. We intend to go through the third week of November as well. For some members that will mean two boxes in November; for other members, there will only be one box in November. You see . . . we really like to have a full six months of farm income, at least! If you intend to discontinue CSA Boxes on Halloween, please let us know as it will affect our planning.

Future boxes will contain carrots, a variety of potatoes, and winter squashes along with the remainder of our tomatoes and peppers.