The Goal of CSA

The goal of Community Supported Agriculture, known as CSA, supports a sustainable agriculture system which provides farmers with direct outlets for farm products and ensures fair compensation for the capital and labor and risk involved.  As CSA becomes a household name, we’re seeing more and more versions of CSA knock-off products on the market. These arrangements are an attempt to capture a part of the local food dollars without assuming the risk of being the actual grower-producer providing the capital and labor necessary to bring the crop to fruition.

These box programs gather up vegetables and products from either various farms or from all over the country—exactly as a grocery store does. You are not able to build a relationship with the farmers growing your food. Indeed, it may be difficult to even find out where the produce was grown.

At Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA we grow our vegetables in Fairview along Cane Creek. As our CSA Member you can come to our family farm in Buncombe County and see the gardens for yourself.  Your food dollars are going directly to the farmer-producer who owns the land, pays the taxes, and provides the labor to grow your veggies!  There is no middle man!

When purchasing one of our local farm shares by joining our CSA, you will receive a delicious box containing the bounty of our family farm.  The vegetables are harvested, washed, and delivered by us—your farmers—specifically for your family. Veggies can’t get any fresher or more nutritious than this!