About Us

Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA is a family owned and operated farm in Buncombe County. Robert and Glenda Ploeger are your CSA Farmers. Once upon a time, we specialized in white asparagus. Today we grow vegetables for our CSA farm share families. We do not have a roadside stand or sell our vegetables at tailgate markets! We do not sell our vegetables to restaurants. We do not sell produce to wholesale markets. Our efforts go to our CSA farm share families. Our CSA boxes are packed and sent out daily to ensure that each CSA Member gets vegetables grown using organic inputs and harvested at their peak. This provides for the best flavor and most nutrition possible. We offer convenient CSA box pickup locations in North Asheville, Biltmore, Arden, and Fairview. Home or business delivery are available in some areas of Buncombe County from North Asheville to the Biltmore Park area.

We have about seven acres in production in any given year. Over the entire local harvest season, we grow nearly seventy varieties of vegetables; but, we no longer grow asparagus. The local growing season runs from mid-May through October. Our Mission is to bring professionalism to the business along with our enthusiasm for the soil and our passion for providing our CSA farm share families with the freshest local seasonal produce available.

All photos on our web sites are pictures of vegetables we grew and delivered. At Cane Creek Asparagus & Company we tend to the gardens ourselves and we eat our own vegetables. We use many different hand-applied organic inputs and practices but are not certified organic. Insects are a part of the natural garden experience. Therefore, you should expect to find some slugs and bugs in your CSA box! If as a member of our CSA you visit our gardens, you will find lots and lots of weeds and beneficial insects. We attempt to work with Nature as best as we are able.

Food safety concerns have always been a priority for Cane Creek Asparagus & Company. We are water conscious and use only drip irrigation from wells in our vegetable gardens. We ask our CSA Members to do their part by washing all vegetables under running water before eating.

If you want to join our CSA, simply fill out the CSA Farm Share Commitment form and click “Submit.” We will send you an email when we receive your contact information so that you know you are indeed a subscribing member for the upcoming local Harvest Season. And it is never too late to join our CSA! We will add shares throughout the season if our garden’s production allows.