In mid-November the 2022 CSA Season ended and while planning our family’s Thanksgiving Feast, life came rushing at me with an unexpected challenge.  Suffice it to say, I possess the latest viral antibodies as we begin the 2023 New Year!  Now thru February is when we turn our attention projects other than farming.  Thanks to Corvus Wood Company, we can walk on our decks and no longer fear falling through a rotting board.  I have nothing but praise for their craftsmanship and professionalism. If you are in the need of such services, I can happily give a recommendation!

With one home project successfully completed, our attention turns to rebuilding the second project which has been demolished and is currently a gaping hole!  What joys do wait?  I do realize many of you recently experienced water challenges.  We faced water issues as well.  Of course, we are not on a city water supply so it was necessary to call Reuben Caldwell Drilling.  Another company to whom I can offer a glowing recommendation for services rendered over the years.

Our Christmas tree is still up.  I am waiting for the wise men to appear!  The tree came from The Garden Spot on Hwy 74 in Fairview and is so fresh and beautiful that we have not the heart to remove it to our “wildlife sanctuary” before its time.  I have been playing with food recipes and Robert with seed catalogs in addition to cleaning out the ditches and working on the road now that the gardens are all in their winter state of slumber.

We are fortunate to reside in Western North Carolina where local food is in abundance. Granted that food may be coming from a freezer this time of the year, but we know where and how it was grown. The food one eats either fuels disease or fights disease. There is no middle ground. Eating a clean diet and living an active lifestyle are the most important elements to staying healthy. Science-based research is available on supporting the body systems through nutrition, supplementation, and detoxification. Your Body is a miraculous Temple! Treat it with the love and respect it deserves and it will serve you well for many decades. 

Robert and I look forward to growing vegetables for our CSA Member Family in the 2023 Harvest Season. We will do our part to plan, prepare, and plant to ensure success; however, I learned from my father that prayers for the success of the farm do work!  Please join us in our daily prayers for sunshine, appropriate amounts of rain and frost and heat at the proper times, minimal pest issues, cooperative wildlife, and an overall bountiful production in 2023 Harvest Season!

 Here’s wishing you a Healthy, Happy New Year!