Leave Our Veggies Alone!!!

August is a hot month and Nature is unpredictable, but August came and went with the creek staying within its boundaries. Now we are well into September. We trust everyone is having a relaxing Labor Day Weekend. Of course, the gardens do not know about the concept of “holiday.” We are not complaining. We love being able to grow nutritious veggies for our community! From seed to final product is a miracle of life. The bell peppers and eggplant and green beans and patty pans have been glorious this season. Part of my joy comes from all of the wonderful comments I hear from our CSA Members about our vegetables. Of course, I share these comments with Robert at the end of each day. Thank you!!

One thing I forgot to mention during berry season was our neighbors. I did not want to scare anyone who was interested in picking blueberries! Honestly, we have never seen evidence of bears in our gardens as they prefer our front yard and the surrounding woods. There is a second larger and older bear who also “checks in.” HE can reach the bird feeder while sitting down! Recently I did see him drinking from our bird bath before walking up on the front steps to check out his reflection in our front door! I am happy he did not attempt to “fight” himself. Perhaps this behavior is something only the Tom turkeys do in the Spring? Wildlife . . . gotta love it!

This is the ‘baby bear.” The other one is much larger!

Some have asked me when our season will end. This depends on Mother Nature! We have always been able to have boxes through the end of October, so plan on that as our season. If we have produce into November remains to be seen; but if you can hang tight until Halloween, we would be most grateful as that provides us with almost six months of farm income. Fingers crossed we make it to mid-November!

My quick and easy eggplant, tomato and pepper bake drizzled with EVOO and Italian Seasoning.

The slicer tomatoes are finally ready and going into the CSA Boxes. And our green beans are still beautiful. Those of you who have been CSA Members for 15, 16, or 17 years know these are the BEST BEANS we have ever been able to produce! Perhaps we have finally stumbled upon a simple secret of Nature!

Amazingly, these are sweet potatoes which have been kept in cool, dry storage for the last YEAR! They are still good enough to eat!! Just FYI.

Soon there will be 2022 sweet potatoes and some winter squash to go with our other potatoes. The eggplant seem endless this season, but the sweet bell peppers will not last forever. About half are rotting on the vine thanks to the dampness and lack of sunshine. By the way, these bell peppers may turn red if left setting out on the counter. If you attempt to ripen them in this manner, however, they will lose some of their crispness. So keep an eye on them!

Anyone who stills gets a physical newspaper and is willing to share, we are interested! As you can see in the above photo, the papers will be put to good use being recycled–mostly under tomatoes.

Finally, AS CSA FARMERS we resent the new virus discovered in May 2022 in India being called “tomato flu” or “tomato fever.” Not heard of it yet? Patients who develop tomato fever should drink plenty of fluids and rest in bed, as it is also advised for other viral fevers, to keep the body hydrated and well-rested.  Seriously?! Please just continue naming with “chickens and monkeys” and leave our veggies alone!  We have enough trouble getting children and adults to eat vegetables without naming a virus after them!!