Bad Blogger

I was told last week that I am a “bad blogger” because I am not consistent and that I should be consistent so you readers will not “forget about me.” I apologize for this! In my defense I will say that I do meet most of you face-to-face every-other-week and you are preparing and eating the nutritious vegetables grown by Robert and I on our small, Fairview family farm. So . . . perhaps as we are eating the same veggies each week, I am not so out of touch after all?!

Staking Our Late Tomatoes

We are still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen! After that big May rain, the plants stopped growing for about three weeks. They had to re-develop their root systems before they could start producing fruits. (Yes, tomatoes are a fruit!) The zucchini are dropping off to a trickle, but the patty pans are still producing a crop. The green beans are taking a break, but should be back. There is some okra and a few small cabbages–that May rain hurt the cabbages just like the broccoli and cauliflower! However, the eggplant and sweet bell peppers are plentiful! Still, Robert and I are holding our breath as we approach August 17. The memory of last year’s devastating flash flood is still fresh in our minds. Some things are quite difficult to forget!

Someone got this comical eggplant in their CSA Box!

We still have blueberries. We do not put them in the CSA Boxes, but as CSA Members you may come and pick whatever you wish. We do not charge a fee, but instead ask that you leave us a “half-share of your harvest” in a container which we will provide. Robert cleaned out all weeds and trimmed the bushes last winter; however, he also applied fertilizer, so the weeds are plentiful and the plants are tall– unlike a manicured, commercial berry picking patch is what I am trying to say! Email me if you are interested in getting berries and I will send further directions.

Blueberries are plentiful this season!

If you need a new way to prepare those patty pan squash consider cubing and sauteing then in coconut oil. Then add in a bit of water, a bit more of orange juice and some chopped dates to the pan! Season with a dash of ground cloves, sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper for a new “orange-spice” sensation with your summer squash!

Orange-Spice Patty Pan Squash