Summer Time Veggies!

We are into the summer time veggies now. Robert and I are extremely busy and dreaming in “patty pan!” Joining a CSA and eating locally grown food seems to heighten the senses of our CSA Members in terms of the local weather and how it affects crops growing in the gardens. We think this is a very good thing! The weather report is always on our minds as just another thing we have no control over. We have been fortunate to get rain when we need it and not really too much at any one time–even if it was enough to wash out our road in places!

This clutch was the first to be hatched and so the biggest in size.

The wildlife is abundant in our “sanctuary.” Robert saw the newest fawn the day after it was born–so tiny! And we have three different turkey moms walking around with their chicks trailing behind. Unfortunately, the duck near the little pond did not survive and her nest was raided by some hungry predator. Also, something ripped out the first two cucumber plants and a six-foot stretch of the drip line including “chewing” it off of the hose bib at the connection point. This was not an easy feat and we have NO IDEA who this predator could be. To make things more interesting, there are no tracks to be found!!

This was the first tie-up. Now it has been done three times!

The tomatoes have been tied up for the third time and look great as do the eggplant and bell peppers. There are blueberries this year. We do not put them in the CSA Boxes, but as CSA Members you may come and pick whatever you wish. We do not charge a fee, but instead ask that you leave us a “half-share of your harvest” in a container which we will provide. Robert cleaned out all weeds and trimmed the bushes last winter; however, he also applied fertilizer, so the weeds are plentiful and the plants are tall– unlike a manicured, commercial berry picking patch is what I am trying to say! Email me if you are interested in getting berries.

In your near box expect some or all of the following depending on the day: green and yellow zucchini, zephyr squash, a variety of patty pans, sweet cucumbers, green beans, eggplant, and/or potatoes. There may even be some okra this year! The tomatoes are green and growing . . . and in case you had not noticed, it is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!

Harvesting zucchini, squash, and patty pans!