Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! We celebrated the Holiday by . . . working in the garden. This probably does not surprise you! Robert staked and tied up all of the tomato plants, finished weeding the eggplant and peppers and cucumbers. We are seeing tiny, tiny cukes which makes me very excited as they are one of my favorites!

What to expect in your veggie box this week? Red potatoes, green and yellow zucchini, our favorite type of yellow summer squash, a mixed variety of patty pan squash, and kohlrabi. Then one may find either the last romaine, or endive, or escarole, or some broccoli florets–this will all depend on the day and what we are able to find in the garden! I say “find” because sometimes seeds or a plant get mixed into the planting tray and thus planted in a random section of the garden. It is rather like a surprise or a scavenger hunt to find the last remaining of some crops; but “find” them we shall and put them into your veggie boxes.

The zucchini, summer squash and cute, little patty pans can all be mixed together if you wish. Or kept separately! The choice is up to you. Look under the “S” section for summer squash and zucchini recipes. IF you happen to get a patty pan that is large enough, you can stuff it. We attempt to harvest them while they are small, but sometimes they hide in the large, green leaves and grow larger. Enjoy!!