We have been busy! All of the tomato plants have been transplanted to the garden. A fat, male rabbit found them last week and ate about fifteen of them to the nub one day. Robert relocated Peter Rabbit via “Have-A-Heart” trap to another property because he was doing some SERIOUS damage! From whatever reason, Peter did not care to sample the bell peppers and eggplant starts which were located nearby. He simply ate his way down a row of tomatoes! And just like in the children’s fairy tale, Peter was NOT HAPPY about being caught in a trap. He created more of a ruckus than a groundhog four times his weight. FYI we used an apple for bait!

The greenhouse is empty and we have our driveway back again! The summer and winter squash have been planted. The okra seeds are up and the potatoes are looking beautiful. The last TWO years have been very bad for potato production, so we are particularly excited to see the potatoes looking as good as they do this season.

Potatoes! So far, so good!

My son took some drone footage last week to give you a bird’s eye view of our Fairview family farming enterprise!

Half of our CSA Members have received their second “box” of veggies. The content has changed. In addition to the Asian greens, we have added Romaine lettuce, onions, escarole, and last Friday, heads of red/purple lettuce! This coming week will also see kohlrabi in the box. As some veggies fade away, others will be added. This is seasonal eating!

Our Kohlrabi come in one purple and two green varieties.

Kohlrabi is one of those veggies many people are not familiar with yet; however, we trust you will explore its varied uses and become a fan. Check out the website for our suggestions on peeling this usual vegetable and how to enjoy it. Just scroll down the page until you see the photo of this unique veggie.

Spring and Early Summer Garden

We have CSA Farm Shares available and are happy to add members at this time.