How are you doing with seasonal eating? Thus far the gardens have produced Joi Choi, Ching Chang, Black Summer, tatsoi, red and green kale, escarole, endive, romaine, red lettuce, onions, and green and purple kohlrabi. Seasonal vegetables! We trust we have thrilled you with at least one unfamiliar vegetable thus far! Some of these veggies are leaving the mix soon, but others will be arriving. Broccoli and cauliflower will be next to appear. I am guessing our CSA Members will have no trouble identifying broccoli and cauliflower! The size of these heads will depend upon the weather and the variety. We do plant multiple varieties so if one fails to meet our expectations, perhaps another will perform better!

Purple kohlrabi growing in the garden.

I have told some member about kohlrabi growing in the garden. The veggie you receive in your veggie box actually sits on top of the soil in the garden. With a bit of imagination, one might think they have the appearance of little, alien space ships that just landed in a row!

Sliced raw kohlrabi, with dried cranberries and grapes in a salad.

I like kohlrabi raw. Robert prefers his slightly sauteed in coconut oil. There is a crunchy kohlrabi salad recipe on the website as well as some tips for storing and preparing this unique vegetable.

The tatsoi is all gone, but look for a combination of the above veggies in your next CSA Box/Bag. We are nearly half way through the month of June, but expect to have green salad makings until the end of this month. There is a Harvest Calendar on the website if you are interested in approximately what will appear when.

And farm shares are available for the remainder of the season.