The First Box for the Second Week!

In the box today you have two Joi Choi, two Ching Chang, two Black Summer, at least two Tatsoi, a romaine, a bag of red kale and green kale, a bag of baby collards, and endive! We like to harvest our collards small as you can see in this photo. These are tender, baby collards which you can eat raw in a salad or braise as you desire. Regardless, now is the time you might want to implement your chiffonade style of cutting.

Seasonal, gourmet baby collards

I try to sort out the really damaged items. By damaged, I mean anything with excessive bug bites! But we are organic farmers, so you should expect to see some insect damage. We always say, “If the insects will not eat, we probably should not eat it either!”

Strawberries from my “front lawn”

We do not have any grass on our “lawn.” We have perennial flowers and annual flowers and butterfly bushes and strawberry plants every where! The strawberries started out in a small six-foot circle, but soon took over the front. They are the ever-bearing berry variety. Our problem has been the wildlife. You might recall me saying that Robert was “ubering” the squirrels to another property far enough from here that they will not make their way back. His efforts this spring seem to have paid off because we are getting some berries in an amount to be impressive for the first time!

Raspberries and herbed fetta cheese!

We got a much needed, lovely rain this afternoon which will give the drip irrigation wells a break for at least one day. We have been in “drought” conditions. We are not looking forward to high 80 degree temps this week. The spring crops prefer it to be a bit cooler . . . but what can one do? Prepare to SALAD ON! Your veggie boxes next week will be very much like the one today. And remember to go back and read previous Blog entries, if you have not done so.