Second Week of First CSA Boxes

We are entering the second week of first CSA Boxes. By now every CSA Member should have received their RSVP Email. We attempt to be in different areas of the county on different days of the week in order to make veggie box pickup convenient for our members. We cannot be all things to all people–there are just the two of us; but we do try!

Strawberries, artichoke hearts and slivered almonds!

During the first four to six weeks of harvest (that’s 2 – 3 veggie boxes) we will be doing a “salad parade.” I will refer anyone reading this Blog back to the previous Blog for details. It is always a good idea to read back a couple of Blogs if you are not subscribed and receiving them on a regular basis. You can subscribe (and unsubscribe) on the Blog page!

There will always be additions and changes in the boxes from week to week. For example, this second week will see the addition of the Asian green Tatsoi. I will appear to be a spinach bouquet and may be treated as spinach. It can be eaten raw in salads. However, my favorite way is to put it into a quiche with feta cheese! I am a “this and that” type of cook who does not follow instructions well, but I did my best to re-create my ever changing recipe. My experience is that when one begins with fresh veggies, it is difficult to go wrong!

Tatsoi Fetta Pie/Quiche with mushrooms and side of sauteed tatsoi greens.

There may be other additions this week or next week . . . the baby collards are about ready and the spring onions! Most of the recipes for the Asian greens we grow will be on our website under either “C” for “Choi” or “G” for “Greens” or “T” for “Tatsoi.” I guess I am a “this and that” type of recipe organizer, too!