First CSA Veggies

We are starting the CSA! Remember it will take two weeks to get the entire CSA up and running. Each member will get an email from us indicating their first pickup day, so keep an eye on your Inbox! And if you have been waiting to join, now is the time!! We do have farm shares available.

Here is a preview of what will likely be in your first CSA Box. There may be other veggies, too, but this gives you an idea of what to expect. When you open the bag, use your senses. I want you to SMELL the freshness of these greens! Harvested in the morning, packed at noon, and delivered to you around 2:00 p.m.! This is about as fresh as one can get short of growing and harvesting them yourself. Welcome to our “Farm to Table” seasonal eating adventure!

Left: Ching Chang Middle: Joi Choi Right: Black Summer

The above greens are all in the Bok Choy/Choi family. We do not want you to be overwhelmed when you receive your first CSA Box of veggies. I recommend putting on your favorite music. Then, here are your prep steps: First cut off the bottoms of the chois. They are grown in soil, so the majority of the soil will be concentrated at the bottom. The bottoms of the stems are “spoon shaped” and will retain soil. I like to cut these off over one side of the sink while washing off the majority of the soil in this first sink. After this, immediately place the cut leaves into another sink filled with cold water. Doing this may cut down on the number of wash cycles you need. Gently soak and swish the leaves, replacing the water until you get the grit level down to your preference. Then place the washed leaves onto a clean tray.

Baby green kale and red kale so tender you will not need to “massage” it.

You do the same with the kale. Kale grows in a different manner, so it will require less washing. You can get creative and use the same wash water for both chois and kale before refilling the sink in an attempt to use less water. We do wash off the first layer of soil right after harvest. Soil is expensive in Fairview. We like to keep as much of it here on the farm as possible! The black fabric we use helps to keep some of the soil off the vegetables. However, if it has been raining, you can expect more washing to be required.

Washed, bagged spring greens ready for the refrigerator! Two dinner salads and one for lunch!

I wash everything at once and place the veggies into bags. This prep is what takes time. Once this is done, chopping for a salad or stir-fry goes much quicker which speeds up meal time preparation. We are big salad eaters in our house. If you need a reason to eat a daily salad, consider the 2017 study by Rush University Medical Center which shows that one serving of leafy greens a day is associated with slower cognitive decline! I am willing to bet these salad bowls hold more than one serving!

Spring greens with carrots and red raspberries!

Get creative with your salads! Blackberries, strawberries, chopped apples, oranges, and pears, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, pecans, carrots, spring onions, Craisins, grapes are just a start! Sometimes we add various cheeses. These greens are hearty and will stand up grilled chicken breasts or beef tips tossed in. So enjoy your salads! One day, believe or not, they will be gone. This is what seasonal eating is all about! And when this day comes, we trust we will have cabbages to fill your salad bowls! Check out Recipes F- L for dressings and more ideas for the first of your seasonal gourmet vegetables from our Fairview family farm!