Jumbo Bags

I want to suggest buying some jumbo bags for storing your veggies in the refrigerator. I usually go ahead and wash the greens before shaking off the excess water and placing them into the bags. This way when I am ready to prepare a meal, all I need do is remove the leaves and start chopping for salads or stir-fry. This particular brand is easy to open and close and is large enough to hold anything we send your way!

My favorite food storage bags!

Please remember it takes two weeks to get the CSA up and running because we operate on an every other week basis. Shortly, I will be sending out the first start up emails with an RSVP requested. This is to ensure I know that YOU know when your first box of veggies is being harvested. From your first day forward, just go down the calendar every other week until you get an email from us saying that the CSA is closing down for the season. And if you are going out of town, please let us know in advance. We will make arrangements for you to get that box on another day! We do expect you to purchase each box, and we are willing to work with you to make this possible.

These are Ching Chang and red kale in the foreground.

Robert and I believe the season is getting off to an excellent start! The Spring Garden looks beautiful. Get ready for those first nutritious, green salads! We are big salad eaters in this household and quite anxious for the season to begin. Of course, if you prefer, any of these first greens can also be sauteed or made into a quiche, etc. See the recipes on the website or internet for ideas!