Happy Mother’s Day

Today is windy! I half expect to look out the window and see Robert flying through the air on the end of a strip of black fabric which is supposed to be lying on the ground in the garden! The wind has its purpose of spreading the pollen far and wide and it helps to dry out the gardens. The planting is still going on at full speed. We can see the first potatoes starting to push up through the soil which is a good sign! The spring onions are growing. The carrots are planted, the snow peas are planted—these are direct seeded into the soil, of course. The poles for the deer fence are in the ground . . . small steps!

In time deer fencing will be attached to these seven-foot poles!

We had NO azalea blooms this year which is a good reminder that we don’t always get what we want from Nature! I miss the azaleas; therefore, I am going to attach a photo of our front yard from a GOOD azalea season! Happy Mother’s Day!!

Azaleas from another spring . . .

We have not decided a starting date for the CSA yet. We are waiting until the spring crops are a bit larger to begin. Do not worry! I will contact all CSA Members in due time! Farm shares are still available for the 2021 Harvest Season.