Hopeful and Optimistic

I read an interesting article today about the difference between hope and optimism. In a nutshell is said that optimism is expecting good things will happen and hope is the expectation that one can make good things happen. Getting into the “weeds” of the subject, the author said optimists tend to deny or avoid negative information. I have a sign which has hung in every home I have made. It says “Optimist On Duty!” And yes, as farmers we MUST deny and avoid negative information in order to even proceed with our occupation each spring. Otherwise, weeds, insect pests, blight, fungus, drought, excessive rainfall, heat, cold, frost, wildlife . .. . the list goes on and on as to the amount of negativity which could possibly deter us from even planting a crop! Bottom Line: Robert and I are both hopeful and optimistic that each year will be a bountiful growing and harvest season!

As you go through your life in the crazy world we are living in, keep these distinctions between hope and optimism in mind. The future is always uncertain and has been since the dawn of time. However, with uncertainty comes possibilities and the ability to be a part of something bigger than oneself. On our small, family farm, we say “come on!” to the negative possibilities. We shall struggle through and believe that we are capable of achieving our goal of growing a bountiful crop despite the challenges Mother Nature delivers. And we wish you hope and optimism in dealing with whatever situations you are facing in your life!

We have been farming and operating CaneCreekCSA aka Cane Creek Asparagus & Company along Cane Creek since 1993. CSA is all we do. No wholesale. No tailgate marketing. If you have been sitting on the sidelines and thinking about joining a CSA, now is the time to do so. Why? Because NOW is the time when we farmers are planning for the 2021 Harvest Season and preparing to begin our greenhouse work so we can have a crop in mid- to late-May! I have been preparing the greenhouse and today we had the glass roof resealed. Spiderman with giant suction cups! You can see a photo of him at work on the Resource Conservation page of the website. Soon we shall begin our seedbeds . . .