The Forecast Is Always Bright

The weather is always changing, but the forecast is always bright. That’s the way we try to roll–looking on the bright side of life! There is no point in stressing over the things one cannot control. Such behavior will only make one anxious and there are enough anxious events and people in the world right now. Robert and I trust the boxes of veggies we harvest for our CSA Members will provide positive energy and be nurturing, nutritious, and joyful. If this is what we can do, then our Mission is being accomplished!

Our greenhouse is ready to go into full production! Seed beds to transplants to the gardens to the harvest to the CSA Boxes to kitchen tables throughout Buncombe and Henderson Counties. Crop production takes many steps, lots of hard work, planning and luck! Pray for a bountiful season!!

If you are looking for a family-operated CSA farm, we would love to have you join us.  Just fill out the Join Our CSA form on our website. We will get back to you with a Welcome Email as soon as possible so you know that you are “IN” our CSA Family.

We are so ready for spring to arrive . . .