If you are the sort of person who likes “going down rabbit holes,” you might be interested in doing some research on Personalized Nutrition which is defined as “Tailoring dietary advice to suit an individual based on their diet phenotype or genetic make-up.”  What does the optimal human look like? And who gets to decide what an optimal human is?

Scientists are even now working on a GMO tomato as edible COVID vaccine which will fundamentally change ones cellular structure. Nano technology and CRISPER technology and robotic bees and beehives are wrapped up in impact management of diabetes and agriculture and the bio-tech sector as profit engines.

One place to find a start to this “rabbit hole” is on the https:/ interviews between Alison McDowell and Sayer Ji. Also,  Or search the Japanese Moonshot R&D program with Cybernetic Avatar Capitalism for Diversity and Inclusion. For those who look, there is a great deal of information available with regard to gaming and behavior management.  I like to be informed and to the best of my ability to understand these complicated potential transformations to a 2050 Cyborg 5.0 Society World Vision.

Smart apps, smart food, smart textiles, smart health systems, digital wallets, AI, and cognitive neuro science all connected to the “network” . . . What or who is in control of these systems? Is this the best way? Precision Agriculture with GPS Technology information is in all of the farming magazines—but not the path for me.

I prefer to use natural, old-fashioned, human-driven interactions.  In other words, getting my hands into the soil and working with real plants and real food!  I don’t see my body, brain, space and time as being limitations from which I need to be freed.  My choice, please, is to leave me and my Soul to my greenhouse and gardens with live bees and soil and earthworms. Our intention is to make the world a better place. Although if Robert and I had digital twins, that would double our workforce!

Live your values . . .