In The Box

By now every CSA Member should have received an email from me indicating their individual dates of final veggies pickups or deliveries. Please read your email carefully. We are NOT retiring from farming as one CSA Member thought and related to me!! We are simply closing the CSA for the 2020 Harvest Season due to the recent rainfalls and summer heat affecting our 2020 crop production.

In the box you will find sweet potatoes and a spaghetti squash–either large or small, individual-sized squashes. Additionally, either Jester, Delicata, Carnival, Acorn, or Butternut depending on the day. Also, eggplant and bell peppers as our meager gardens allow at this late date. There may be a few white or russett potatoes and onions, but these are getting in short supply.

Keep and eye on your winter squash. I would not expect them to last for twelve months as they have in some years! Yes! I still have a couple of spaghetti squash left over from 2019 . . . WOW! And as tasty as ever!