Getting Healthier?

I read an interesting statistic today. Before March 2020 nearly 90% of grocery shoppers reported dinning out sometimes; however, a recent survey indicates only 45% of shoppers reported utilizing restaurant delivery while 35% reported cooking at home six to seven days a week! Of course, I am sorry for the pandemic distress caused for all of those in the food service industry. Our country, indeed the world, is facing a terrible economic situation due to the mandated “lockdowns.” However, if anything good is to come from this terrible situation, perhaps the change in eating habits from restaurants to cooking at home will help to improve the health of families.

The Last Onion

Our final CSA Boxes of the 2020 Harvest Season will be delivered the last week of October. This is an early shut down of our CSA in comparison to years past. However, Robert and I feel we had a very successful CSA Season–despite the fact our gardens received (up to the first of October) an amount of rain which would come up to our chins if delivered all at once!

Fall Garden Cleanup

One of the advantages of a forced early closing to your farmers is that Robert has been able to clean the gardens up MUCH earlier. There have been years when this work was completed in December or January! October is a much nicer month for this difficult and dirty job.

It is interesting to see reaction of the area wildlife to the changed look of the fields. Shock might be a good word used to describe the feelings of “nakedness” and “exposure” they now experience when in the garden area. Fortunately, we still have tree lines for them. Here is a photo of Mom and The Twins–who are now old enough to sometimes play alone in the fields. This Helicopter Mother is always nearby with watchful eyes, however!

Mom and Her Twins

These last boxes will contain spaghetti squash plus either delicata or carnival winter squash and sweet potatoes. There will be the last of the (small) eggplant and bell peppers. And perhaps a few red or russet potatoes in some of the boxes. These potatoes were not an abundant crop for us this season.

The Last Eggplant

We do recognize an increased consumer demand for CSA Farm Shares and local food. I will be contacting all 2020 CSA Members in February for a 2021 Season Commitment. We are also now accepting new CSA Members for the 2021 Season!

As Fall moves toward Winter . . . Stay Warm, Stay Safe, and Eat Well. And thank you to all for your participation in our 2020 CSA Harvest Season!