Sacrifices To Be Made

This time of the year there are sacrifices to be made in name of the fall winter squash harvest. IE: Our garage becomes our warehouse holding both large and individual-sized spaghetti squash, acorn squash, jester, carnival and butternut winter squash! Look for tips and recipes under “W” for “Winter Squash.” You might want to check out last week’s Blog, too.

In case you are unaware, eggplant do not like cool temperatures and peppers do not like rain! For this reason we are beginning an orderly shut down of the 2020 CSA. It takes two weeks to get the CSA Farm Shares up and running in the spring and it will take over two weeks to close the operation down now. Do not fear! Each CSA Member will hear from me via email in due time for notification of your last veggie box(es). So keep an eye on your email please! And yes, I have been known to send them out at 2 a.m. Such is the life of a busy CSA Farmer.

Robert has been attempting to clean up the gardens. This first entails removing the drip tape and related piping, the fabric and the staples which hold the fabric in place. Then he can go in with the tractor and mow the area as a part of the fall clean up. The biggest problem today was his getting the truck unstuck. We worked together and were able to back it out of a very wet area with the tractor and a chain. Probably should have known better than to be there in the first place! It appears a trip to the car wash is next on my To Do List.

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This last bout of rain brought us 3 inches here on our farm. I know it could have been much worse. Remember 2004 and Hurricanes Fran and Ivan?! They make Sally small; however, 2004 is the only other year we felt the need to start closing the CSA veggie deliveries this early in the season!

Standing water in the roadside ditch.

In the CSA Boxes this week look for spaghetti squash–either individual-sized the larger family-sized. There will also be either an acorn, jester, or carnival winter squash this week. We have potatoes. We trust there will be some eggplant and sweet, colorful bell peppers. The beans and okra keep slightly producing–but if there are more, consider it a surprise!