Frost Warning & Veggie Payments

Families are starting to ask me when we will be starting the CSA.  We are looking at perhaps two more weeks or it might be three depending on where you fall in the every-other-week cycle. Please remember it always takes two full weeks to get our CSA up and running once we start harvesting vegetables. Each and every CSA Member will get a direct email from me when their first box is harvested. AND YOU WILL BE ASKED TO REPLY TO THAT EMAIL so that I know you know your first veggies are on their way!

Our production and harvest is all in Mother Nature’s hands at this point. We trust we will have our expectations and your expectations met; but if they are not, we trust we shall get what we “need.”  You have probably heard there is a Frost Warning for this weekend. There is always plenty of uncertainty in our world of farming. However, we believe our early crops can handle a short, quick hit of freezing temps.


As stated on the website, we no longer grow asparagus–but, we have no intention of going to the trouble to change our Fairview family farm name. We ask you understand the “& Company” covers the many other varieties of produce which we have always grown!

Cane Creek Asparagus & Company has always been extremely flexible when it comes to accepting payment for our CSA Veggies. We do request checks be written for at least the entire month–payable on the first pickup of the month.

For those CSA Members who intend to use a bank draft to pay for their CSA Veggies, please get those started in mid-May.  With our every-other-week system there are usually two pickups/deliveries each month. There will be one month with three boxes. We don’t know how many boxes you will get in May–one maybe two. If you start now with the bank drafts, it will probably work out that we are getting payment in a timely fashion. It always takes the banks some time to get the checks started.  You can always settle up at the end of the season if there is a deficit due to the three box month. Then again, if there is only one box in May, that will take care of itself. Email me if you have any questions.


So far things are looking good in the gardens. Still many plants to go into the soil and many direct seeded crops waiting to be seeded as well. This is a busy, busy time on our family farm with plants in all stages of  growth. You will see some produce at farmer’s markets now. We do not grow or sell  “single crops.” We attempt to provide a large variety of vegetables in each CSA Box/Bag–thus, the wait!