Unprecedented Consumer Behavior

According to the 2020 Q1 Organic Produce Performance Report released by the Organic Produce Network and Category Partners, total organic fresh produce sales in retail stores are up 22%. A rise like this in consumer purchasing behavior has never been experienced in the modern era of grocery retailing, according to QPN. Just FYI.


No, we did not need the rain which arrived Wednesday afternoon and evening–in case anyone is wondering. This was my view from the greenhouse before the rains. Recall that neat circle of strawberries I planted two years ago? Now they have taken over all available space! The wildlife gets most of them, unfortunately. I wonder how commercial growers deal with these pests in their strawberries?


This photo is an indication of Robert’s recent ‘greenhouse to the garden’ transplanting efforts. Each tray holds 500 plants. Things have been extremely busy around here. Meanwhile, additional new seedbeds are being continuously started in the greenhouse and my transplanting continues there. All willing hands on deck in planting season!


The narrow black tube running down the middle of the row of plants is part of our underground drip irrigation system. Vegetables love limited amounts of rain from the heavens. When the rain stops, however, we are prepared to water them while being conscious of our water usage. The plants look small in this photo, but rest assured they grow rapidly when removed from their tiny cells and placed into the great wide open space of the garden.


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