Potatoes Planted

We do not think our gardens were hurt by the recent cold temps. This is a very good thing! Potatoes were planted Monday: two and one-half rows of red potatoes, two rows of Russet potatoes, and one row of Yukon Gold potatoes. Yes, it is later than we would have preferred, but the seed was late in arriving. Apparently, more people are ordering seeds of all types this year. One would think a customer of over twenty years would be given priority, but I suppose “the virus” has lots of people in a tizzy and operating on a different routine. Next job is to lay down the black fabric between the potato rows. This will help keep the weeds down and make harvest a bit cleaner for the Farmer!


Look at the difference 2 or 3 weeks can make. The onions practically grow before ones eyes! I will say once again, we no longer grow any asparagus! I talk about this more on the website. Also, one more time . . . our family farm is not certified organic or transitioning to organic. We use organic inputs and we have NEVER used the chemicals on our land that some farmers have used and, thus, they need to “transition away from.”


May 15 to May 18 is considered the last frost date in WNC. We are almost there and we shall rest easier after that date has passed. The gardens are growing nicely. Do not worry, if you have received a Welcome email from me, you will get a direct email from me whenever we do start up the CSA Boxes–bags, actually. Remember CSA Members are no longer taking the CSA Box home–just the bags of veggies. I have some attachment to those boxes. More than once I have been walking down a street carrying one of the boxes only to have someone shout at me from across the street, “I have eaten veggies from that box!” Our vegetables get shared. And people seem to remember eating them!

Keep an eye on your email.  Perhaps next week some of you will get your Startup Date.  If not then, perhaps the last week of May.