Pantry Preparation & Crisis Invention

No one is going to the grocery store as much as we once did. For that reason, I suggest you look over some of the recipes on our website or in your own cookbooks and see if there are items you might want to go ahead and purchase for your panty in preparation of receiving CSA Veggies in late May.

We like to recommend everyone to have a thermometer in their refrigerator to monitor the proper food safety temperature. Very often it seems some one CSA Member has a refrigerator which fails to maintain the proper temperature. Thermometers can be purchased at ACE Hardware or perhaps the grocery store in the gadgets section.

Hefty Bags 20170512_185538

We like these bags for storing greens and other vegetables. They are large enough to handle anything we will send your way. I prefer to wash my greens when they first arrive and store them in the jumbo bags clean and ready to prepare for a meal. If you are in a hurry, you can store them unwashed. We do rinse the worst of the soil off the greens, but you will find it necessary to do a triple wash before consuming. When you perform this step is your choice.

If you find the removal the remaining Fairview soil tedious and boring, I have two suggestions. The first is to approach this task with a mindfully contemplative or meditative state of mind. During the washing process, consider the weeks and months of various steps it took to get this healthy, nutritious food from tiny seeds to edible produce in your family’s kitchen. My second recommendation would be to put on your favorite music and jam away! Usually it takes three rinses to satisfy me, but to each his own.


While in the “bag aisle” of the grocery, I would suggest picking up some pint and quart freezer bags, too. Leftovers are wonderful to have, but another option is to freeze excess prepared food to consume at a later time. If you do this, however, use appropriate packaging to preserve the quality of the food. Check out my recipes under “F” for “Freezing” for more of my thoughts on the subject.

20180606_124241 (2)_LI

Due to Covid-19 we will be practicing Physical Distancing at all pick up locations. Also as a “Crisis Invention, ” CSA Members will no longer be taking these “famous” cardboard CSA Boxes home. Instead, we ask that you pull the plastic bag straight up and out of the box. You might find it helpful to “plant” a foot on either side of the box to steady it while removing the bag. I will still use the boxes when packing the vegetables and transporting them to the drop off sites. However, CSA Members will no longer need to remember to return their empty boxes!

The sad thing is the veggies arrived neatly packed and looked so pretty when in the boxes. Members say it is like opening a gift! Once the bag is pulled out of the box, however, they will fall in all directions . . . oh well, the price we shall pay. I am sorry for this presentation disruption, but consider all of the “box handling time” we shall all be saving!

It did rain here yesterday, again, and more is predicted. KCCO . . .