Dancing Deer

In the CSA Box you will recognize summer vegetables. We are sending out the first new potatoes. They will be either Yukon Gold or Red, depending on the day. We have green beans to go with the cabbages, cucumbers, patty pan summer squash, and zucchini.

20190720_145159 (2)

The sweet peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, winter squash, melons and corn are all growing and looking good. More good summertime eating is on the way! Wash, Prepare, Eat, Enjoy, and Repeat where the veggies are concerned.


The heat and the rain have been hard on the crops this season. We lost about one-half of our zucchini and patty pan squash. This is sad, but I believe we will still have enough to make everyone happy. Just to be safe, Robert did put a late planting into the ground.

MDGC0219 (2)

Our heirloom apple trees are popular with the wildlife right now. We do not get any apples from these trees, but the critters certainly enjoy them. Apparently, they are tasty  enough to make a deer stand up tall in the early morning twilight!

MDGC0241 (2)


This bear tore down one of our small apple trees. He has never been destructive before. We are not sure what his problem was that day. He has been caught climbing the big apple tree. Perhaps he was attempting to climb the small tree and this was an accident? We sure hope he does not like sweet corn because we do not think the deer fence will intimidate this guy or gal!

20190719_185842 (2)