In the CSA Boxes we have green beans and carrots to go with the cabbages, cucumbers, potatoes,  and the last of the patty pan summer squash, and zucchini. There may be the first eggplant by the end of the week! The plants are loaded with little ones. It is just a matter of how quickly they grow. We will have the traditional black eggplant and the deep purple Japanese eggplant, too, depending on the day.

These are the best carrots we have ever grown. What I mean is they are the biggest, straightest “one-legged” carrots! Robert has been removing from the best looking section of the 200 foot row, so the quality will no doubt differ as he gets into the not-as-good looking section of the row. There will not be a massive amount, but plenty for your cabbage salads and coleslaw.