Uncertainty Rules

Farmers like to think they are in control, but the reality is uncertainty rules on the farm! Too much rain–this week it is TOO MUCH rain in case you are wondering. Too little rain. Too hot. Too cold. Not to mention the weeds, insect pests, and wildlife issues. There is only one way to deal with all of the uncertainty and that is to admit we are NOT in control. We have a sign which says Wildlife Sanctuary to remind us the animals were here first. However, we DO install around a large portion of our gardens a seven-foot Deer Fence each season! We know this works for the deer herd. We are praying this fence will keep the raccoons from tearing down the sweet corn we are attempting to grow in 2019. I can just imagine raccoons with little cell phones and an app which says “Fresh Corn at Ploeger’s Farm. Details to be posted!”


The potatoes are looking great at this point in time. You can see below the foliage is touching row to row! The beans are flowering. The tomatoes are staked. The cucumbers are getting a foothold. We grow some of the sweetest cukes you will ever taste! It might be the soil and it might be the seed we plant, but if you like cucumbers, you will love the ones we grow!


The sunflowers have been planted, idle fields mowed, the sweet potatoes weeded. The winter squash and melon patches are in order. We must always be looking toward the next crops while keeping an eye on and harvesting the current crops. Robert is very good when it comes to production management and understanding the garden needs. And gardens are quite needy!

Still in the process of juggling so many different balls, some things will slip past our watchful eyes. This is why we ask you to especially keep an eye out for green worms on the broccoli. We are not certified organic, but neither do we drench our crops in insecticides. Any worms will be the exact color of the broccoli stalk. If you miss them in the preparation, you will find them in the bottom of your steamer! Might not want to show them to the rest of the family. Keep that little secret to yourself, please. Consider any you find a protein bonus. BTW, the second wave of broccoli looks even worse than the first wave. Wet? Heat? Either way, just too much stress on the plants this season. Get creative by cutting the “heads” into florets!


If you want to visit the gardens, send me an email with a couple of dates and times that work for you and I will attempt to coordinate our schedules. BYO sunscreen and insect repellent and come in appropriate footwear.

One last thing: Thanks for returning those CSA Boxes! We need them for the next surprise veggie box we harvest for our families. Local, seasonal eating–as good as it gets!