Farm to Table Eating

The rains last week caused all veggies to experience a growth spurt. The potatoes are blooming. The broccoli and cabbage heads are forming. The squash will soon be large enough to start blooming. The garden looks good in other words for our farm to table eating!

Here is a photo of my big, fat, grilled, Greek, tatsoi sandwich. Excellent hot and very good cold, too.  See the link in my previous Blog entry.


A few chois remain in the garden and will be put into the CSA Boxes. The last of the tatsoi are much smaller than what you have been seeing—which will make you either happy or sad. We will have kale, kohlrabi, onions, escarole, two types of endive, and red lettuce, red romaine and snow peas! It is still salad time, but the ingredients are changing!

The gardens are the prettiest in June to very early July.  Email me (Glenda) if you want to set up a visit.