Flash, Boom, Nothing!

On Saturday, June 22 we had a close lightning strike.  I heard the shaking of every window in the house. I headed for the car as I thought Robert was in the garden where he has been known to weather some storms. In the garage I met him coming in. Turns out he was in the driveway putting away a garden hose when he experienced a bright flash “in the trees” immediately followed by a loud crack of thunder. I figured out a couple of hours later that our modem had been blown. It took a few days for us and AT&T to determine the transformer had been hit–at least it was not a person! So if you got an abbreviated message from me in the last week, you know why.

We are having a season change in our local eating journey! We have sent out snow peas and the first of the broccoli. We are getting a few cauliflower heads and the first green and yellow zucchini and patty pan squash. I have seen three varieties of squash thus far. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the seed of our favorite variety–the yellow and green spaceships. Very interesting; but we trust we will have plenty of the others. The beans are flowering, the sweet potatoes are growing, and we shall have the first new, red potatoes soon! This photo was taken about three weeks ago. Now the leaves of each row  are touching one another! I guess it is time for a new photo!


In you box this week expect to find baby kale, kohlrabi, onions, red lettuce, red romaine–perhaps some green romaine and green lettuce. There might be a head of endive or escarole here and there, but mostly these greens are gone for the season along with the choi and tatsoi. We will also have plenty of broccoli. There will be cauliflower as heads become available and perhaps more peas as they are flowering again.

There have been sightings of the hen turkey followed by her babies. She is teaching them to scurry off the road and into the woods when a vehicle approaches. Actually, there may be two families. The numbers are not as large as some years. No doubt the extreme rainfall when they were just hatched is why. Life in Nature!

I hesitate to say this, but we are attempting to grow sweet corn this season. Our foray into corn has never been very successful. So far it looks great and is about waist high–the best ever. The corn is located inside the deer fence because the deer love the corn, too. They will respect the fence, but we don’t know about the raccoons. Fingers crossed we can keep them all out this year!

It is going to get hot this week. We have started the drip irrigation again. As soon as the puddles dry up, we must irrigate