Kohlrabi Sighting On The Farm!


Kohlrabi is a delightful vegetable which looks in the garden like a fleet of ships just arrived from outer space! It can be peeled like an apple, sliced, and eaten raw–or added to a salad or sauteed and serve.  Yes, you can even eat the leaves, but you will need to sauté these leaves a bit longer. With all of the delightful greens to enjoy right now, don’t feel wasteful if you just toss the kohlrabi leaves.


The kohrabi may be new for some CSA Members. As you can see above the kohlrabi sits on top of the soil. We grow both green and purple varieties. To store kohlrabi, cut off the edible leaves about one inch ABOVE the top because when stored in the refrigerator the leafy greens will draw the moisture from the root greatly reducing the flavor and, eventually, causing the veggie to which they are attached to become rubbery.  Of course, it is much better to eat than to store your CSA veggies! Read more about the unique kohlrabi in the Recipes.  You will need to scroll down past the beets to find it.


I had the television on while packing today’s CSA Boxes and discovered another way to eat that delicious tatsoi.  https://www.dianekochilas.com/spanakopita-grilled-cheese-2/  These spring greens are rather like the Cadbury Easter Eggs, meaning they won’t be around forever, so enjoy them while you have the opportunity!

The box this week will have three types of choi, tatsoi, two varieties of endive, escarole, spring onions, red and green kale, red/purple lettuce heads, and green and purple kohlrabi.  Use the Vegetable Identification pages on the website if you need more help identifying any of these vegetables. And do not be intimidated by the unique look of the kohlrabi.  It is a delightful veggie which will be “landing” in your CSA Box!