Robert is working on the fall garden clean up. He is able to get a jump start on this chore this year because as our CSA Members know many of our fall crops are practically non-existent in 2018. Every piece of fabric, every stake, every fabric staple, every inch of drip irrigation tape must be removed from the field during cleanup.  And yes, excluding the starting of seeds and plants in the greenhouse, it takes as long to close down production as it did to start up production. In other words, the fun is not over yet–the beat goes on! We are watching the hurricanes and their associated rainfall carefully. This is one factor which can extend this job into January or beyond whereas normally all work can be accomplished by Christmas.


Birds (especially crows) quickly learn human patterns. They will wait for people to leave before descending from the trees into the garden.  Our smart crows actually know where our house is location in relation to the fields. When Robert is in the garden, some of them will sit in the trees at the house and harass me with their caw-caw-cawing. I think now they are upset now by the limited number of veggies available! The minute Robert leaves the field the crows swoop into the gardens to peck at our dear vegetables. When they see the truck leave the house and drive back into the field, they ascend to the surrounding tree tops with a few sentinels coming up to the house to try and intimidate me! Working with nature is challenging to say the least.


This is the “high spot” in the field and where the remaining eggplant and peppers are still growing. I still have not sent out those closing emails–perhaps in another week? The end is nearing.