We are into the final days of the 2018 CSA Season.  It has been quite a year.  Robert and I  thank you for your participation in our small, family farm CSA.

If you have stashed the white or russet potatoes and not looked at them in a while, you will find they are sprouting.  This is because we do not spray any chemicals on our potatoes to keep them from growing.  I recommend removing the sprouts off when you see them.  Otherwise eventually, the sprouts will drain the potato of all moisture and leave it a wrinkly, rubbery mass.

Speaking of potatoes, Nat King Cole sings “the world is my sweet potato pie” which is a dish to keep in mind if you think you have more sweet potatoes than you can eat!

The last of the CSA Boxes are going out soon. Look for a variety of winter squash and sweet potatoes when the last of the eggplant and bell peppers are gone.  If you still have some eggplant and peppers in the refrigerator and are confused by the small sizes, consider making a ratatouille with them where size does not matter—only flavor!

The garden clean up continues. Fingers crossed that all of the work will be done by Christmas this year! Robert is spending long hours still in the garden. One evening he snapped this photo as the sun was setting in the west.

Sky cross 1163_2

And we simply could not resist turning the “sunset over the garden” photo upside down to display the quite distinct cross in the sky above the garden.  Our harvests were protected all season long!

Sky cross (2)