Fall Has Arrived

Fall has arrived with barely a change in temperatures! I am sure it is confusing for the birds and animals who do not have a calendar to tell them that “fall” is here. I have been seeing and hearing the geese fly over the house in their “V” formation. They go back and forth and then back and forth again the next day.  They land on the pond with a graceful flutter which I have witnessed. When I see them flying over, I feel that is where they are going again on a “trial run” and to bathe. Perhaps they are just conditioning themselves for their long flight to the south?

We are into the month of October and in this 2018 Harvest Season, we plan to end the veggie deliveries and pickups on October 31. If you are a CSA Member who has paid in advance through the month of November, we will have boxes for you during November on your usual schedule. However, we will be gradually closing down the majority of the CSA as the month progresses. No one has yet to receive an email saying that the CSA Boxes are ending. Rest assured I will email each CSA Member directly and ask for a reply so “we know that you know.”

In October look for a variety of winter squashes. All are tasty! If you want to use them for fall decorations, that is your choice! We have some potatoes, sweet bell peppers and a few eggplant which are still growing on the “high side” of the garden.

This has been a year! We are blessed to have the gifts we have received from the gardens! The time for hot soup and hunkering down will be here before we know it.