Sights In The Garden

Late last evening Robert and I were in the gardens looking around to see what would be available for the boxes this week. There may be a few eggplant, but they really are not doing well this season. The peppers look good and we trust they will continue to get enough sunshine to sweeten them and not be overcome by tropical storm rains! We trust you are enjoying your tomatoes. They were late this season, but the late tomatoes are always the sweetest ones!


As we were looking about, I got to see the doe with the twin babies. Then a third fawn made an appearance! For a moment we thought there were triplets, but then saw a second doe lingering on the sidelines. Thrilling for me! Robert gets to see these creatures on a regular basis as he spends decidedly more time than I in the gardens. Also, the wildlife is accustomed to seeing his truck in the fields and are not frightened by it like they are of my car. When they see me, they go into “Stranger! Danger!!” mode. This photo was taken from some distance; but f you look closely, I think you can see four of the deer –one doe and three fawns.


In the boxes this week expect some more (admittedly ugly) potatoes, tomatoes, and sweet bell peppers. Possibly there will be a cucumber and a few eggplant. We will have a variety of winter squash over the next few weeks: spaghetti, carousel, acorn, delicata, buttercup, and a few of the dusty green type. The winter squash did not have the opportunity to harden as we would have liked–weather patterns. But the bugs are starting to eat them, so this is as good as it gets for the season and our signal to get them into shelter!

Robert has been mowing around the gardens in an attempt to eliminate some of the weeds which have taken over. He leaves the pretty yellow-flower weeds, however, as the local bees seem to like them and not much else is blooming this time of the year.


Those members who have been with us for fifteen years–or any amount of time–know there are good years and bad years in farming. Even the potatoes have been challenged in 2018. I just posted a short story about potatoes which I trust all will find amusing. All in all, we are happy enough with what we have been able to provide in this trying season. Thank you for your continued support AND for bringing back those empty CSA Boxes!!