Grateful, Merry, Happy New Year!

Time certainly passes quickly! Our Thanksgiving cacti bloomed, our Christmas cacti bloomed, our Christmas tree went up, and then the tree came down. In between, Robert and I attended an important, family graduation in the Research Triangle area. And were pre-school Show-and-Tell for our favorite four-year old—farm photos and Local Food stickers in tow, of course! We reconnected with family and made new friends including an insightful, young lady completing a Master’s Degree on Food Insecurity.

We are fortunate to reside in Western North Carolina where local food is in abundance. Granted that food may be coming from a freezer this time of the year, but we know where and how it was grown.

The food one eats either fuels disease or fights disease. There is no middle ground. Eating a clean diet and living an active lifestyle are the most important elements to staying healthy. Science-based research is available on supporting the body systems through  nutrition, supplementation, and detoxification. Your Body is a miraculous Temple! Treat it with the love and respect it deserves and it will serve you well for many decades.

WNC is in a deep freeze at the moment.  However, despite the record breaking temps, the sun is shining brightly on our country, kitchen table encouraging us to start thinking about our spring gardens!

20180107_152932 Creek Freeze