Thinking About Veggies

We are thinking about veggies! The cold weather and snow and ice can make anyone want to ignore reality. However, we must start thinking about vegetables now so that we are ready to fill CSA boxes when May arrives. The gardens have been cleared of the 2017 Harvest Season debris which is a bigger chore than one might imagine–but it is done and the fields are ready to start all over again for the 2018 Harvest Season!

We know our CSA Members are committed to maintaining and improving their health. In the coming days, we will be asking for your commitment to our family farm for the 2018 Harvest Season. We need to gather this information now so that we know how many shares we have available to offer to new families who want to join our community of veggie lovers.

In the meantime we find the best way to enjoy “store bought veggies” is to make smoothies–all the while dreaming how much better the drinks will taste when we are able to make them with our own family farm, fresh veggies! Here’s to a Happy New Year!