Happy Thanksgiving!

We are actually celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday this year. I just cannot ask my children to eat two celebratory meals in one day. The request seems inhumane. This means that today I am still in pie making mode. We got enough apples from our trees this year to make a pie. They were ugly, little apples, but tasty. When finished, this pie will go well with the pecan, pumpkin, and cherry pies!


It is not only deserts on our table. The kale seems to get better after a good frost. The garden keeps providing and we are most grateful for each and every bite. But exactly when do the “garden pests” go away?!


We are purist when it comes to our sweet potatoes–no sugar and marshmallows on top, in other words. I think we are getting enough sugar from the pies! I see I am not the only purist. A long-time CSA Member sent me this photo earlier in the week. Look at the beautiful dish she made from our (admittedly) unimpressive sweet potatoes this season!


We shall be eating Raviolis with a delicious sauce made from a base of our own roasted tomatoes mixed with grass-fed, ground beef. The beef was raised on my “fourth-generation, family farm of origin” which I visited in late October.  Also, shrimp which Robert caught on his last fishing trip at the end of this harvest season. No matter when or where you celebrate, traditional or nontraditional, I trust you have a Blessed Thanksgiving surrounded by family, friends, and great food.