We started the season with over three, labeled CSA Boxes for each member. Today our supply is running quite low. I know some members never even take the box, but rather grab the bag and go. However, if you are one who has extra boxes in your garage or panty, please return them on your next veggie pickup. If you have destroyed a box, as an alternative, you may return a clean milk box for us to use for delivering your vegetables.

Like all days, Saturday was busy for us. What was different was that we accidentally ripped our garage door off of its tracks. It has some age on it and I prepared myself to have to replace it. I placed a call to Precision Garage Door Service and to my amazement they came to the house and had repaired it within 3.5 hours. It is actually better than ever! We are so thankful for the timely, efficient service. The neighborhood bear who frequents our property was hoping for a free night in the garage not doubt. We dodged a bullet on this event.

20170801_180833 patty pan

Looking for a new way to prepare the patty pan squash? Try stuffing them. First hallow our the insides, then chop what you removed and add onions, pepper, tomato, eggplant, garlic–whatever veggie you want along with some sea salt, pepper and Italian seasoning. Fill and bake in a 350 degree oven until just tender. Delicious served either hot or cold!

20170801_185614 stuffed patty pan

One word of caution. Use proper technique when cutting out the summer squash. This photo represents a safe cutting technique.

20170801_170608_001 Safe technique

And this photo represents a dangerous cutting technique. They can be slippery to handle and the tendency is to spread out the hand to hold; but no one needs a slice to the hand!

Dangerous technique

In our farm’s micro climate it has been raining every day for over a week. This coming week looks much the same. Moisture on such a constant basis with no sunshine is hard on our plants and any vegetables which are produced. If some veggie does not last as long as it did earlier in the season, it is safe to blame the excessive rain!

Meanwhile, your CSA Box this week will have white (golden) specialty potatoes, cabbages–red and/or green, cucumbers, patty pan squash, green and yellow zucchini, tender green beans, sweet bell peppers and eggplant–traditional and/or Japanese, depending on the day’s harvest. Our tomatoes are a late variety (and like sunshine). Perhaps next week they will make an appearance.