August Ending

I love hearing from CSA Members about how you are preparing your veggies and how happy you are with them! And how you are learning to love some veggie that you always thought you hated ie: eggplant! (Try the Smoky Eggplant Dip.)

I always say, “If you love our veggies, tell everyone. If you have a problem, tell me!” I do my best to make sure only good quality vegetables are put into the boxes, however, a great many cukes, squash, etc. have passed through my hands–and we are just getting started with the tomatoes. Please, if ever you receive something of poor quality on Day One, let me know immediately!


We snapped a photo of at least one of our neighborhood bears the other night. It is difficult to tell how big he is. I say “he” because of the paw prints left on my front door and the windows on either side. The turkeys will “fight” their reflection in these windows and I assume the bear will react the same way–either that or he is checking out what’s for dinner!


We have no shortage of wildlife on our property. The deer are quite fond of the heirloom apple trees this time of the year.


The turkeys are always around, too. Their babies are gangling poults now. Several seem to have survived the chick stage of early summer. This is a feat alone as there is a pack of coyotes nearby. We can hear them howl whenever a siren goes by. Welcome to our Wildlife Sanctuary!

Just when we think we cannot take one more day of the blazing heat and humidity, the temps cool off into the 70’s and we can breathe easy again. The potatoes and late plantings of cucumbers are impressive. πŸ™‚ The melons and winter squash less so. 😦 It is impossible to analyze all of the variables to determine why the various crops turn out the way they do. We just do our best with what Mother Nature sends our way in any given season!


In the box look for another round of Kennebec potatoes–they are white. Also, cabbage–the heads are small, but it seems many people like them that way! Cukes and patty pan squash–either small or “stuffing” size. Try the stuffing method if you have not yet done so! We are not getting many zucchini now, but the peppers are turning vibrant colors and they are all as sweet as can be. And a variety of eggplant and tomatoes are to be found. The tomatoes are small this year. The oblong ones are an heirloom variety. They will look orange on the outside, but be more red on the inside. And they are “meaty” vs. “juicy.”