Tatsoi will be added to the choi mix in the second week CSA Boxes. And yes, this will be the first CSA Box for half of our CSA Members. Remember we schedule our veggie boxes on an every-other-week pickup schedule. We can do an every week schedule if that that what your family desires. The price per box is the same and the pickup location is more limited, but we can do it. However, in our thirty years of CSA farming experience, we have discovered most families are happiest on an every-other-week schedule.

Three (3) tatsoi are pictured in the photo above on my cutting board. And for your information, the cutting board measures 25 1/2 by 31 inches! We can do some serious chopping on this board!! One of our favorite ways to make tatsoi is TATSOI RICOTTA QUICHE CAKES. The recipe is under “T’. I realize my recipe pages are not particularly sophisticated, but you can be sure we have tested them all. This Asian green is in the bitter family and has lots of Vitamin C. I do include the stem in all of my recipes.

By Friday, May 19 at 2 p.m. every CSA Member should have received an email about their first veggie box pickup. Please be sure to reply to my email so I know you know when your CSA Box is coming. Once the vegetables are harvested, they cannot go back into the soil. The spring crops like this cooler weather! And so far the insect pests have been far and few. As it warms up, you will begin to see a bug bite here and there on the greens and perhaps even a worm or slug. Our veggies are ORGANIC so it is to be expected. Our position is: If the bugs won’t eat it, perhaps we should not either! We do have some organic inputs we can apply later when those pesky, little white “butterflies” become common, but so far, so good!

We do have CSA Farm Shares available! As I have said before, please spread the word about our small, Fairview family farm.