In The First CSA Box!

The first CSA Boxes are going out today. (Before you call to see when you are getting your first box, be sure to read the previous Blog posts, please!) In your box you will find at least two Black Summer choi, two Joi Choi, three purple choy, three Ching Chang, and three Asian Delights. I say at least because if I felt a particular item was “light,” I might have tossed in an extra one.

If you have ever eaten Chinese food, I guarantee you have had these greens before! All of these items mixed together make the most delicious salads! Or they can be sauteed, or shredded and tossed into soups and stews. I use some of the stems in the place of celery and fill them with peanut butter! Or chop the stems for chicken salad, etc. Of course, the Asian greens are wonderful juiced. Juicing will cause them to disappear quickly!! They were harvested this morning, so you can expect them to last two weeks in a refrigerator with the proper temperature control. However, we trust you will begin enjoying them immediately and not letting them sit in the ‘fridge!

We don’t think we gave you “too many” veggies. However, if you feel you have too many, please share them with someone who you think would appreciate our local, seasonal gourmet vegetables! your sharing them is a surefire way to introduce our family farm to a potential customer. Plus you friend will love your kindness! Or perhaps you have a house-sitter or neighbor or another person in your life with whom you would like to share the “choi joy.”

We do have CSA Shares available at this time. Please help to spread the word! Some of our members have been with us for over twenty years, but we always have room for new CSA Members who are fresh vegetable lovers!