Memorial Day/Labor Day

I trust you had a relaxing Memorial Day holiday. Around our farm it is called “labor day” and much continues to be accomplished.  Robert will be planting the last few hundred greenhouse plants into the gardens once the soil dries out appropriately.  These consist of sweet bell peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes, so you know our tomatoes will be late!

We received way too much rain last week. You will notice in your next box that we have stripped many leaves from the choi leaving only the “hearts.” We would not want to give you the yellowed leaves which are the result of the torrential downfalls we experienced; so into the compost pile they go! We believe the garden will survive, but it really takes two weeks to be certain. The crops worst damaged seem to be the cauliflower and kohlrabi. None of the plants like to get their roots too wet for too long!

Escarole and Romaine lettuce

In the boxes expect to find more choi (in three different varieties), red and green kale, collards (in a different variety), the last of the tatsoi, romaine lettuce, escarole, and endive. Don’t stress over the veggie names. But if you want to know them, you might consider checking out the web site Photo Album entitled “Vegetable Identification” to see photos of some of these first spring vegetables.  The veggies are shown in the approximate order of their appearance in your CSA Box—although, of course, this will vary slightly from season to season.


If you know your summer vacation and travel plans for the month of June, do not hesitate to forward this information to me via email, please. I will happily make changes to accommodate your schedule by either harvesting your veggies before you leave town so you can take them with you; or when you get back. Or you can send a friend to get them on your regular pickup day. Just let me know the name and mobile number of your designated veggie lover!