We Are CSA Farmers!

Someone once called me a truck farmer and I just had to correct him. A truck farmer or tailgate farmer grows veggies and then takes them to market to hopefully sell that day. A CSA Farmer grows veggies for CSA Members who have purchased farm shares or subscriptions for the harvest season. This means they, as members, have agreed in advance to purchase what their farmer grows that harvest season. The very big difference is having an established and certain market through consumer commitment!

OK, so we are a little less secure than most CSA Farmers when it comes to our farm income because we don’t collect all of the money upfront, but the concept is the same. And our CSA Members follow through with their financial agreement because they understand the importance of their commitment to us and our family farm. CSA is our only farm business and this is how we pay our bills! And we all eat very well along the local food journey!

The spring gardens are beautiful this time of the year with very few weeds–just some random rye!

As of today all CSA Members have received their first CSA veggies. I enjoyed meeting all of our CSA Members over these last two weeks! I trust we will have a long, bountiful harvest season. The next round will be similar when it comes to content, but if we add anything new I will post it on a Blog to let you know.

This very minute (yes, dark is approaching since it is 8:22 p.m.) Robert is in the field in the rain making sure all of the ditches are open and running the water out of the gardens. We ARE getting a bit too much rain today. We constantly pray for sunshine and gentle rains followed by blue skies. I fear the weatherman may not fulfill our wishes this weekend.